July 9, 2012

HOW TO: Use Demo Analytics Reports

Quick intro

AppDemoStore's Demo Reports will provide you with valuable insights on how people interact with your demos, such as:
  • Where they click in the demo
  • The navigation paths they take
  • What are the exit screens
  • How they arrived on your demo
  • Where the demo has been linked or embedded

The Analytics functionality is not enabled by default. To enable it go to Settings > Analytics & Contacts and enable the checkbox Enable Interaction Flow analytics. You'll be able to access the analytics data by clicking on the link SEE ANALYTICS under the number of demo views.

If you need more advanced analytics, you can integrate the Google Analytics. See how this works at the end of this article, in the section Integrating Google Analytics.

The 2 Analytics Reports

The Analytics has 2 reports, Demo Views and Interaction Flow, described below.
1 Demo Views Report
The Demo Views report helps you understand how people arrived on your demo. This section offers 3 views:
  • The graphical representation of the Demo Views
  • The list of websites linking to this demo and the number of views from each website
  • The list of websites embedding to this demo and the number of views from each website

2 Demo Interaction Flow Report
Demo Interaction Flow is a graphical representation of the paths users took through a demo. The first screen is always the starting point for all the paths. The upper a path is, the more used it is.
This representation can be of great value for your app because it reveals you the following details:
  • Which screens are most interesting for people and which ones are not so visible
  • The favorite navigation paths through your app
  • The exit screens

Moreover, you can see how many times a screen has been clicked in a particular path. From every screen you can directly jump to that screen in your demo.

Integrating Google Analytics

If you need more advanced analytics you can provide a Google Analytics tracking code in your demo. This is helpfull if you embed a demo into your website and want to see the analytics for the demo in the website's anaytics.
How this works:
  • AppDemoStore side: On the Demo Page click Settings > Analytics & Contacts, provide a tracking code in the Google Analytics section and save

  • Google Analytics side: go to Behavior > Site Content > All pages and search for "demo". The results looks like in the image below (the long number represents your demo ID)