September 17, 2015

HOW TO: Embed a Demo in an Android App

One cool feature of AppDemoStore demos is that you can easily embed them in your existing Android apps. This is an easy way to provide a guided tutorial for your users so they'll quickly get introduced to your app.

To learn how to create a demo on AppDemoStore, please read this tutorial: How to Create Android App Demo

Click through the demo on the right to see a sample clickable app tutorial for Napster App.

How it works

1 Embed the hosted demo in your app

Once you have the demo up and running on AppDemoStore, you can easily embed it in your Android app. To do this, just copy the code provided below to your Android project (replace the demo-id marked with red with your own).

WebView webView = new WebView(this);
String urlDemo = " 6015879590445056 ";

Alternatively, you can get the code from the Demo Page: click on then click on and copy the code provided there.

2 Embed the downloaded demo in your app

You can download a demo as HTML or ZIP and include it in your app without hosting it on AppDemoStore. This will make sure that the demo will run also without internet connection.

To download your demo: click on the Demo Page, then click

The embed code is the same as provided in section 1 only that you just have to replace the link to the hosted demo with the link to the demo in the Android app project.

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