March 7, 2016

How to Install Android Studio

Quick intro

This guide explains how to install Android Studio on your computer.

As a prerequisite, you also have to install Java 7.

How it works

1 Download Java 7 and install it

You can download the Java 7 SDK from the official Oracle Java download page: Download Java.

Accept the License Agreement and chose the right version for your computer: e.g. Windows x64 for a 64 bit Windows machine.

The installation is pretty straight forward - you can simply accept all default settings and press Next a few times.
2 Download Android Studio and install it

You can download Android Studio from the official Android developer site: Download Android Studio.

Again, accept the License Agreement and hit the Download button.

The installation of Android Studio is also straight forward - you can accept all default settings as well. It should automatically find the installed Java on your computer.

The download and installation can take quite some time, but at the end of this both the Android Studio and the Android SDK will be installed and ready for action.

Your setup is now complete!

Next, learn how to create an Android app of your demo and install it on your device as a native app: How to build a native Android demo app

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