January 28, 2015

Apple Watch Online Simulator - Try before you buy

Summary: Everyone’s excited about the upcoming Apple Watch launch. Meanwhile, you have the chance to play with it.

This Apple Watch Online Simulator (on the right hand side) is powered by AppDemoStore.com and lets you try online the soon-to-be released hit from Apple. It's free, smart, very user friendly and it shows you the main features of the Apple Watch. Go ahead and tap the apps to better understand their look-and-feel. Use the digital crown to come back to the home screen.

In a world defined by speed and dynamic, "Try before you buy" is a must for everyone: providers and users, brands and customers. This online simulator has been built up by the founders of AppDemoStore.com - a startup from Eastern Europe. Their easy-to-use demo tool has been on the market since 2011 and has helped more than 10,000 global users to create and distribute interactive demos of their apps.

AppSimulator.net allows you to try in the browser the hottest gadgets based on Apple's iOS, Android and Windows Phone in order to find the right answer to the question "Is it worth it?"