November 16, 2014

HOW TO: Get info, feedback or contact details from users

Quick intro

This article explains how to use the Leads & Feedback feature to gather details from your demo users. You can use this feature to

  • capture leads
  • allow feedback and comments
  • track demo completion (great for interactive trainings).

The demo on the right shows how the user contact form looks like in a demo - just click the text "Click to open the Lead Form".

How to customize the contact form

  • 1 On the Demo Page click Settings > Analytics & Contacts and select the option Enable Contact Messages.
  • 2 Enter the screen number where the contact form should open in the field Show a contact form at screen number.

  • 3 Customize the contact form by providing a Title and by selecting its Fields.
  • 4 If you want to get notified every time someone sends their contact details, provide a valid email address in the box Send email notifications.

How to access the user contact messages

You can access the contact messages on the Demo Page by clicking the link N CONTACTS, as in the image below.