October 14, 2014

New features: Glowing hotspot, Animated GIFs & iPhone 6 frames

1 New iPhone frames

We've just added 2 new iPhone frames to our frame gallery: iPhone 6 in black and white. We are working now on the iPhone 6 Plus frames, together with some other cool, more artistic, iPhone frames. If you want to be informed every time we add a new frame to our gallery, follow our Facebook Page.

2 Glowing hotspot

The hotspot can glow now, like in the demo above. In the hotspot's properties, you can configure how often should the hotspot glow (e.g. every 2 seconds). You do this using the "Glow Interval" slider (as showed in the screenshot on the left). By default, all hotspots are set to 0, which means "no glow". Apart from glowing, you can configure the colour of the hotspot and you can make it appear with a defined delay.

3 Animated GIF files

You can now add animated GIF files to your demo, using the "Add Image" control available on each screen. This is very useful if you want to add animated annotations, arrows, loading effects (like the one on the right) to your demo.