November 21, 2012

November Release: New Website, Web App and Autoplay

We've just released a new design for the AppDemoStore Homepage, an improved Web App and a smart autoplay option for demos.

AppDemoStore Homepage

Besides the new design, AppDemoStore Homepage presents the major 4 major use cases, with sample demos and key features:
  1. The App Simulation
  2. The Guided Tutorial
  3. The Sales Demo
  4. The Interactive Mockup

AppDemoStore Web App

We have replaced our iOS app with a Web App.  Here are some of the advantages of the Web App:
  • It runs in all HTML5-compliant mobile browsers - this means that you can now view your demo on almost any mobile device. 
  • Every demo has a permanent link for mobile access. 
  • The demo page detects weather the access comes from a desktop or mobile device and displays the content accordingly.
  • When sharing your demo, people can instantly experience it without installing any app.

Smart Autoplay (PRO only)

PRO users are now able to run their demos in the "smart autoplay" mode, which stops when the user interacts with the demo. The Autoplay option can be enabled in the "Edit Details" section of your demo.

Here's a sample (interact with the demo to stop the autoplay).

Removable  Demo Toolbar (PRO only)

AppDemoStore Demo Toolbar can now be removed for the PRO demos, to offer your website visitors a seamless demo experience. This option is available in the "Edit Details" section of your demo.