May 17, 2012

New Features Released to make your App Demos look more Sexy and Real

We are happy to announce some new features which will make your app demos look more sexy and yet professional: transition effects (e.g. slide up/down/left/right, fade, flip), gesture icons (e.g. swipe right/left), callouts, a smooth demo navigation toolbar and transparent corners for the frames, so that your embedded demo looks good on any background (scroll down for more details).

Have a look at the showcase demo below to see the new features in action.

(More about embedding clickable app demos in your website or blog: HOW TO: Embed a Clickable App Demo in your Website)

Transition effects between screens

Transition effects make your demo look realistic, simulating the look and feel from the mobile device. You can now add the following transition effects to your app demo:
  • Slide left/right/up/down
  • Fade
  • Loading screen, which means showing the next screen shortly before going to the target screen, thus creating a loading effect. Use this to simulate flip transitions, "Searching" pop-ups and many more. 

Gesture icons for the hotspot

For start we introduced the 2 most common gesture icons: swipe left and swipe right. The gesture icons are attached to the "Hotspot" and are a great way to show your users how to use the app.

Callouts to explain or emphasize

Callouts are a great way to add explanations or emphasize a certain area of the screen. Use auto-typing for drawing even more attention to a certain point. Callouts are fully configurable in terms of colors, border styles and pointer direction.

Transparent corners for the frames

The new demo frames have transparent corners, so that the embedded demo looks good on any background, and not only on simple white.

We are always happy to hear your feedback and new feature requests, so go on and use the Feedback functionality in the showcase demo.

Happy demoing!