September 22, 2014

New Features: Multiple selection for copying objects, Object appearance delay & Better arrows

1 Object Appearance Delay

You can now add a time delay to an object, which allows you to make your object appear only after a specified number of seconds. For example, if you want an arrow to appear only after 5 seconds on a screen, just set up the property "Delay" of the object "Arrow" to 5 seconds. Have a look at the demo on the right - all the arrows in the demo appear with some delay.

2 Multiple Copy&Paste

You can now copy multiple objects and paste them on other screens of your demo. This is a great feature when you need to copy multiple hotspots that create the app navigation menu.

3 Better Arrows

You can now configure the arrows easier by using the new properties: "Curvature" and "Rotation". The "Curvature" defines the degree to which the arrow is curved. If you want a straight arrow, just set the "Curvature" to 0. The "Rotation" defines the angle to which the arrow is rotated. Moreover, you can now introduce your exact values for all the properties in the input fields next to each property slider.

4 Longer Timers

We extended the Timer to 5 minutes.