February 16, 2013

HOW TO: Create Scrolling Screens

Scrolling made easy

This guide explains how to add scrolling screens to your interactive app demo. You can scroll the entire screen (like in the demo on the right-hand side), or scroll only a part of the screen (like in the demo at the end of this article).

1 Create a long image to use for the scrolling area, by merging several screenshots

This is how you create such an image:

  • Take several screenshots of the scrolling area.
  • Merge the images with a graphic tool such as Paint (Windows) or Preview (Mac).
  • Save the big image and upload it as the background image of a demo screen (as described in step 2).
Need more help with the merging process? This article explains in detail how to merge images with Paint on Windows and this article explains it with Photoshop.
2 Add this image to your demo
  • Upload the long image created in Step 1 as the Background Image of a screen. To do so, add a new screen to your demo and select "Upload Screenshots". To edit an old screen, select it and use the button Upload Image (as showed in the image below) - this will replace the old background image with the new one, while keeping all controls in place.

  • Set the screen's property Image Layout to scroll.

  • Use the 2 properties Fixed Header and Fixed Footer to define the fixed areas (the ones that shouldn't scroll). As you adjust the 2 properties you see the blue lines moving on top of your screen.

  • Add controls and position them using the mouse.
  • When ready, click Preview to see how it works.