February 11, 2011

Online SAP Demos - Business byDesign, Business Objects, Business One

This is a collection of free online click-through demos of various SAP software and SAP mobile applications. You can click through these demos directly in your browser - there's no need to download and install any software. Most of these demos are guided simulations, which means that you click through a predefined scenario as you would do in the real SAP software.

1 SAP Business ByDesign Demos

SAP Business ByDesign is a fully integrated business management software solution designed for midsize companies or small businesses that want the benefits of large-scale business applications without the need for a large IT infrastructure. The software enables preconfigured process best practices for managing financials, customer relationships, human resources, projects, procurement, and the supply chain. SAP takes care of installation, maintenance, and upgrades – so you can focus on your business, not on IT.

2 SAP Business Objects Demos

SAP Business Objects offers a broad portfolio of tools and applications designed to help you optimize business performance by connecting people, information, and businesses across business networks.

3 SAP Business One Demos

SAP Business One integrates all core business functions across your entire company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations. Unlike many other small business solutions on the market today, SAP Business One is a single application, eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules.

4 SAP iPad Demos

  • SAP Always In Stock - Demo: The demo shows how to replenish the stock of products with SAP Always In Stock iPad application.
  • SAP Mobile Inspector - Demo: Field Asset Management and Service in One. The demo shows how to perform inspections with the SAP Mobile Inspector for iPad application.
  • SAP Interview Assistant - Demo: The demo shows how you can manage your open positions, select candidates, view their resumes, perform the interviews and evaluate the candidates.
  • SAP Green Office Locator - Demo: The demo shows how to search for an office location based on a set of criteria, view the results on a map, analyze the facilities, the costs and the commuting possibilities and compare different offices.
  • SAP Customize Me - Demo: Dual role demo with a consumer who fully customizes a pair of sneakers and a manufacturer whose plant manager receives the order and quickly notices that one of the materials that the customer chose is not available.

5 SAP iPhone Demos

  • SAP City Connect - Demo: The demo shows how to report issues to your municipality from your mobile with SAP City Connect iPhone application. You can report potholes, accidents, graffiti, debris and fallen trees by sending pictures with the issues to the city authorities.
  • SAP Retail Power Shopper - Demo: The demo shows how to buy products from retail stores with SAP Retail Power Shopper iPhone application. You can order a product from a store with your iPhone and if the product is not in stock you can buy it form another store nearby, pay it and have it shipped to your address.